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If one bike has a rear rack, you can attach the second bike's front wheel with a bunch of bungies and tow it. I've done this, and it worked fine. Now I have a cargo bike, and the towing is simpler:


Walk :) Safest. I do this from time to time (usually when one of the kids have 'forgotten' their bike), and find it easiest to do as pr above, but with a little variation. If the transported bike is lightweight and otherwise allows it, simply 'wear' it as a backpack, putting your arm through the big triangle. Once it's on, you can determine if it will ...


If you are reasonably firm at riding one-handed, you can drive them home by riding one of them while pushing/pulling the other one beside you with one hand. Let's assume that the bike you will ride is called A and the one you push/pull is B. First decide, which bike is better to be ridden and therefore will be your bike A and which hand is better to get ...


One possible way is to ride one bike and push the other. One hand goes to handlebars and front brake, the other grips the second bike by the handlebar stem. This is slow and clumsy, of course, but if you are able to ride the said route with no hands, you should be able to move both bikes as well.


Ghostride it, so long as you're not dealing with high speeds or heavy traffic: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Ghostride-a-Bike/ And make sure you have a soundtrack:


Press charges, and have the police issue a warrant to search for a bike similar to yours/ Investigate (Asking her mom/neighbors questions about a bike that may be similar) If she shows up with one, you're out of luck, but it's probably not likely. Additionally, there is no way she would be able to pedal away with a bike that doesn't fit her, so her height ...


Don't bother - your bike, laptop bag, and cat litter were not lost. It was a horrible experience no doubt, but in the end you didn't lose anything. So what can be gained from this experience? Stopping anyone else's bike being stolen by the juvenile is the obvious one. If we assume that this was the first time she had attempted to steal bike - it went ...


Don't make any major mechanical changes to your bike the day before the race. If it ain't broke, don't fix it- at least not at the last minute. You will end up kicking yourself for it. Make sure you've had plenty of riding time on your bike's current configuration. Bring tools and tubes, but pack light. Bring a small/medium sized multi tool, a tube, ...


Don't enter a category that's too advanced. Eat a lot, but not too much the night before. Get some sleep, this one's hard. Stay out of the way of anyone in a higher category if they're starting after you or lapping you. Don't drink too much during the race, you'll feel sick. But don't skimp either. Expect to get elbowed out of the way a lot for the first ...


I think probably swapping your wheels out is just about the single biggest improvement you can make to a bike in terms of performance. I did this last year and love the new wheels. I too was riding Aksiums (I think) and bought some Fast Forwards. Qualitatively I am very impressed (but then I should be, if you boil everything down to money the FFwds cost 5x ...


imho, you should press charges - this will help to make world around you a little safer place. By not pressing charges you will send a wrong signal to the thief and to the police The broken windows theory is a criminological theory of the norm-setting and signaling effect of urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and anti-social behavior. The ...


I'd walk with both bikes - with each hand on their seats, one to the left and other to your right. Bicycles can be easily pushed and steered when holding them at the seat (in the same manner as you would correct steering when riding without hands, through the balance). I find it easier than pulling them by the middle of handlebars as others suggest. Doing ...


Ride one bike, and have a friend ride the other bike. Once home, give friend a beer and say "thank you, see you tomorrow."


Personally I enjoy running as much as riding. If I could not carry the second bike I would ride one home, run back, ride the other home. It would take a bit longer and be a great workout....... Presuming 2 bikes @10km/h that is about 45-50 minutes (without prangs), or 30km/h (2*16minute) on bikes + 5 minute/km (40 minute) run - 1:15.


Every time I've had my bike stolen, the police were mostly dismissive, or had helpful advice that should have protected me "next time" but typically, didn't (My most recent theft was from an enclosed and non-obvious bike room in my complex's underground parking, locked with a U-lock). At the very least, you know who did it. Most of the time, you're not so ...


I switched from Aksiums (2010, they weigh around 1900 grams without skewers) to Ksyrium Equipes (2005, slightly lighter, but I never verified the weight). I never noticed a difference in how the wheels felt or spun up, but someone else might. A bicycle mechanic friend related an anecdote regarding someone who once tested how sensitive riders were to added ...


I've had bikes stolen in SF too and it sucks. Get some reusable zip ties, and zip tie your bike to the rack. That way, a thief has to also come up with a plausible reason why they disabled your locking mechanism to get at your bike, and you have a bit more time to get out of the bus and after them. On proceeding in this case, "How to Sue Someone Who Stole ...


The "dirt" magazine (137/july 2013) has a small article on that. Possible jobs listed are: working in a bike shop pro rider writer (in mags, web) photographer guide (riding instructor) industry related (designer, marketing) So, you'd need to find out which of the above you are best at and start contacting people, sending cvs etc.


You are asking a lot from one bike - commuting on rough roads, triathlon and cyclocross (CX)! I would choose a hybrid bike (like a Cannondale Bad Boy, though there are many to choose from) based on the following characteristics: Larger 700c wheels that make them more efficient/faster than a Mountain bike. Wider rims and tyre choices that make them ...


My friend was able to ride a few miles with a second bike attached to his backpack with a ropes. You need a wide road for this way of transportation and it can be tricky to tie bike in such a way that it doesn't weights to one side. Also, you can detach wheels and tie them to the frame, so bike will be more compact.


I have a 2013 Specialized Roubaix that came with some pretty heavy DT Axis 1.0 wheels. I upgraded to Fulcrum Racing 3's and couldn't be happier. The people who claim that they aren't faster are missing out on a very important thing. The hubs. They just roll and roll and roll. They also climb much better. They are stiffer. All around better wheels. After a ...


In addition to the list @cherouvim posted, you could also get a job as a bike messenger if you live in a large enough city and are exceptionally crazy.

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