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You are asking a lot from one bike - commuting on rough roads, triathlon and cyclocross (CX)! I would choose a hybrid bike (like a Cannondale Bad Boy, though there are many to choose from) based on the following characteristics: Larger 700c wheels that make them more efficient/faster than a Mountain bike. Wider rims and tyre choices that make them ...


Ride one bike, and have a friend ride the other bike. Once home, give friend a beer and say "thank you, see you tomorrow."


Personally I enjoy running as much as riding. If I could not carry the second bike I would ride one home, run back, ride the other home. It would take a bit longer and be a great workout....... Presuming 2 bikes @10km/h that is about 45-50 minutes (without prangs), or 30km/h (2*16minute) on bikes + 5 minute/km (40 minute) run - 1:15.


Ghostride it, so long as you're not dealing with high speeds or heavy traffic: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Ghostride-a-Bike/ And make sure you have a soundtrack:


If one bike has a rear rack, you can attach the second bike's front wheel with a bunch of bungies and tow it. I've done this, and it worked fine. Now I have a cargo bike, and the towing is simpler:


My friend was able to ride a few miles with a second bike attached to his backpack with a ropes. You need a wide road for this way of transportation and it can be tricky to tie bike in such a way that it doesn't weights to one side. Also, you can detach wheels and tie them to the frame, so bike will be more compact.


I'd walk with both bikes - with each hand on their seats, one to the left and other to your right. Bicycles can be easily pushed and steered when holding them at the seat (in the same manner as you would correct steering when riding without hands, through the balance). I find it easier than pulling them by the middle of handlebars as others suggest. Doing ...


Walk :) Safest. I do this from time to time (usually when one of the kids have 'forgotten' their bike), and find it easiest to do as pr above, but with a little variation. If the transported bike is lightweight and otherwise allows it, simply 'wear' it as a backpack, putting your arm through the big triangle. Once it's on, you can determine if it will ...


If you are reasonably firm at riding one-handed, you can drive them home by riding one of them while pushing/pulling the other one beside you with one hand. Let's assume that the bike you will ride is called A and the one you push/pull is B. First decide, which bike is better to be ridden and therefore will be your bike A and which hand is better to get ...


One possible way is to ride one bike and push the other. One hand goes to handlebars and front brake, the other grips the second bike by the handlebar stem. This is slow and clumsy, of course, but if you are able to ride the said route with no hands, you should be able to move both bikes as well.

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