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The 'best' is fairly subjective and probably not compatible with lightest. For what it's worth I remember reading somewhere that the Edge 510 is widely used through the pro peloton. I use a Garmin Edge 810 and would recommend it in an instant but it is possibly bigger than it needs to be if you're very worried about weight and size (I chose it for its ...


There would be a measurable decrease in drag from removing external dérailleurs and gearing, however I would guess that the power loss through an internally geared hub would make such a setup slower rather than faster. (I have no sources for this)


Aerodynamics of a helmet cannot be considered in isolation but rather how it affects aerodynamics when on the rider. The fastest helmet choice for one rider won't necessarily be the fastest for another, it's quite an individual thing. I've done many, many aero tests of helmets on rider, and am often surprised at the combination that proves best. In general ...


There are now "sprinters" helmets that are bit in between TT helmets and regular bike helmets. Giro Air Attack is a good example. There are even some pro riders using them in TT stages.


I think this is kind of a non-question. You want the helmet that rides the fastest? For anything "fastest", either components or kit, just look at what the professional riders are using. This seems to imply that you either wear a regular-design lid (albeit one which is very light, very ventilated, and probably very expensive). Or, you go for a time-trial ...


Well, I got a reply from Cube about this. They basically told me to get a new drop bar.. They just want to cover themselves in terms of the warranty I suppose, so fair enough. I took the risk and bought these. They worked like a charm. Maybe (just maybe) I had to clip them on closer together than I, initially, would have liked. But, I did my first Olympic ...


All the helmets in the picture are aero helmets, just different styles. Helmet needs in sprint competitions are different than for individual timed events as the rider is more likely to turn their head around to assess the race situation as well as be in various positions on the bike (e.g. out of the saddle while accelerating) which means the interaction of ...

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