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Yes, they are safe. Said better, all else being equal there is nothing about the curve in an aluminum fork that would make it less safe than a straight fork.


It depends on how the fork is engineered for safety. While its plausible that the curved shape does add to some shock absorption, that is determined by the width and construction of the fork tubing. You could design a fork which was reliable and curved in aluminum or carbon or whatever, but the engineering wouldn't be the same as a steel fork. Whether the ...


I had this problem on a 31.6mm seatpost I purchased from the web. It fit fine on one bike but on another it was just too tight - it would only fit a couple of inches into the frame before I would have to have used considerable force to get it in any further. The frames were all carbon (It would not fit on my Scott but would fit on my BMC and my brother's ...

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