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Since you have a relatively "flat" spot there (at least flat in the longitudinal direction) you have two options: You can epoxy on a replacement boss I did this on a recent Al frame with the exact same problem. I bought a metal (steel) cable boss from the local bike builder and epoxied it myself. I used Loctite's Metal/Concrete epoxy since it's designed ...


Good epoxy is known to bond metals, especially aluminum very well. Make sure the surfaces are clean and slightly rough for a better bond. I use the same two part epoxy hobbyist aircraft builders use for fixing pretty much anything, including broken ceramic mugs, small broken metal things and even as an insulator on the bottom of PCBs to prevent any shorts. ...


You can take it to a welding shop and they will be able to weld it.


Looks like filiform corrosion to me, which is a typical form of corrosion found on lacquered aluminium (and other metals). In my opinion, the scratches are too organic looking to be just scrachtes (with a layer of oxide forming in the scratch of the lacquer). It is indeed a superficial form of corrosion. This type of corrosion starts at a scratch or other ...

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