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I use my Samsung S2 with an extended-life battery and the fantastic Finn mount. I use Strava and ViewRanger apps (usually both at the same time). The whole setup is very cheap and knocks spots off the single purpose bike computers that I have seen. I would want to carry a phone anyway, so the weight consideration is entirely in favour of letting the phone ...


I like how segment competition makes me go for a ride and push harder than usual. For a casual rider it can make you improve, if you are not in clubs or racing. Simple logging went old faster without the competition edge. Then there are many segments ruined by people that "forgot to turn strava off while on the work van". The other features like cadence ...


You can buy/get an old smartphone, after uninstalling unnecessary software (almost everything) install MMR/endomondo/strava app, insert expired sim card (still connecting to BTS stations - better tracking accuracy) then you have a great cheap bicycle computer with track logging.

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