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I know this has a lot of answers but I had had a route around a beautiful lake with a pack of (I think domestic) dogs. Based on fear I carried dog spray but as a dog lover it was a last resort. Is the dog just chasing you for fun or does it really want to bite you? A pack of dogs has a different mentality just like a pack of people. I would always ...


Gotta say I agree with Chris Pink (who'd a thunk it, if it's the same Chris Pink from a certain boaty forum) I've never hit an animal on the towpath. Sounds to me like you are not riding to the conditions. I know when I ride at night, where there is no lighting you need to slow down a lot, even if you have decent lights. Yelling out before going around a ...


Easy - stop treating my home as a racetrack and you won't hit anything. In 30 years of cycling the towpath I've never hit anything and I don't very often use lights.


Would making more noise (without being obnoxiously loud) be an answer? Constantly twiddling a bike bell would be distracting, but a few jingle bells you could hang on your bike or gear might help alert the critters that you're coming.


In the heat of the summer I like to take night rides on some lite paths to get out of the sun. For night rides I ride my mountain bike as it is slower and more agile. And if I hit an animal (or other obstacle) I would have a better chance of staying on two wheels. And as linc answered (+1) light it up. And hit the bell or yell rider before a blind ...


My commute brings me through a park with a lot of rabbits (or similar animals, not a zoologist here) and it has been rather close a few times ... I use a head lamp when driving there at night for two reasons: It allows me to see through turns much better The eyes of animals reflect directly back at you, which helps to see them a little earlier All that ...

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