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I take the bike to a mechanic in my neighborhood with nice jugs and watch her sweat and fix it incompetently and pay mucho bucks for the pleasure...then I ride off and because the bike's still messed up, it's not safe. So I crash it and go to the hospital where a nurse with nice jugs holds my milk carton for me as I suck nourishment through a thin straw, my ...


My opinion is that the smaller balls could theoretically be smoother. The larger balls could be more durable. Seeing as how a typical low tech headset lasts a very long time if installed, adjusted and maintained correctly, I doubt it makes a huge difference. The exposed part of the race may be slightly more visible if appearance is a critical factor.


Generally you can squirt some liquid lube in the pedal axle and it eventually wicks its way to the bearings on the inside. However this won't do much for bearings on the outside end of the axle. Some pedals can be disassembled for servicing and ball replacement, depends totally on what your pedals look like. We can tell you more if you post a clear sharp ...


If you visit your local bike shops, there is a slim chance to fund a replacement. On the other hand, the most reliable and time-efficient solution is to replace the whole axle. In my region, the options are an Weldette unit for about 7.5 EUR or a M-Wave axle for about 2.5 EUR. Do ask around.

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