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I'm an almost daily all-season rider for a dozen years. Press fit headset bearings are subject to wear and corrosion. If you ride and/or wash your bike regularly you will feel a slight stiffening over time (handlebars don't move as readily when walking the bike with hand on the seat). This steering symptom gradually increases to feel like you would expect ...


Probably never -- headsets can easily last the life of a bicycle for most people without needing an overhaul. If you ride in the wet, it is advisable to have a front fender, though (to reduce the likelihood of needing an overhaul even further).


That is old grease with debris in it, this will be shavings of the bearings and their channel. Before re-greasing the headset you will need to degrease it to remove all of the old grease, otherwise the old grease will attack the new grease rendering it less effective. Then once degreased you will then need to clean out all of the degreaser (again so it ...


That's funny! I found the same little metal balls on a headset I overhauled not long ago. They were on the fork threads. I'm not sure what caused them. As to the grease you need: as long as you clean the bearings completely, it doesn't matter. Use whatever grease you want, preferably on the thick side.


Be certain to check on the quality of the grease...... Automobile rear end (differential) lube contains a good percentage of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate--the this lube splashes along the rear axle (rear wheel drive vehicles) and is the only source of lubrication for the rear axle timken tapered roller bearings. It is not unheard of for these bearings to ...

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