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The current answers give lots of technical reasons for the use of ball bearings while noting that other types of bearings are sometimes use on bike. However they miss the most important factor. Ball bearings are cheap!


Firstly I disagree with the comment about high speed. The highest velocity bearings are plain: crankshaft bearings in a full size car engine are plain, whereas in a radio controlled model, ball bearings are used. Where velocity (rpm x diameter) is high the oil wedge effect tends to centre the shaft (hydrodynamic lubrication). This can be further enhanced if ...


I think several of your assumptions are incorrect: no high speeds: rim dynamos spin quite fast, up to 10,000rpm, and that does require effort on the part of the designers. Typically the drive wheel on those will have a radius of about 1cm, or a circumference of 3 1/3rd cm and 30 revolutions per metre. At 10m/s (30kph) that means 300rps or 18000 rpm. This ...


You will see sealed cartridge bearings in many bottom brackets, which use roller bearings. Also common in head sets. Ball bearings were more widley used up to around 10 years ago. But still common in pedals and hubs.


There is no way to minimize damage. With all due respect to BSOrider, the assembly rotates so no matter what position the damaged portion is, it will have an affect on the bearings and races. Pitted cones, races, and bearings need to be replaced period. Old Raleigh 3 speeds are quite ubiquitous so some LBS is likely to have them. That having been said, ...

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