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Yes, there are many models with backlight. If you want something nice and cheap I would recommend you to buy one in DealExtreme, particularly I've tried this and this model and I have no complains. Both have backlight and the classic features of a bike computer (speed, average, time, etc.). In fact I currently have the second one installed in my bike and ...


Garmin Edge series or Polar's computers have backlights, and I believe they're among the best computers in the world.


I believe this is what you would be looking for in an ANT+ solution (have to buy ANT+ sensors). It converts up to 8 sensors into a Bluetooth stream. Though it isn't available yet (campaign is finished january 2nd) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/710788785/pan-tracker-ant-to-bluetooth-wireless-connector


Lighting control isn't exactly a good idea since you have 2 lights (front and rear) on a bicycle typically. Most cycling sensors (cadence, speed, heartrate, etc.) either speak ANT+ or Bluetooth these days, so if you want to read sensors, you just need to know how to speak ANT+ or Bluetooth in your chosen language. You can also add a GPS module and other ...

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