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Because I'm a mountain bike guy, and I think the stories and shots are way more interesting (sorry roadies): Where The Trail Ends Strength in Numbers Life Cycles Won't Back Down Rad Company And of course all the old-school freeride films like Kranked.


Old but still worthwhile: Breaking Away.


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The Sufferfest offer motivational/training videos. Also, Bromley Video in the UK has lots of DVDs, books, videos etc. of all things cycling - grand tours, races, bios, documentaries, dramatisations. Not particularly cheap but the best selection I've seen in a single place, also some of the DVDs are self-produced so I'd imagine are unavailable elsewhere. I ...


A few of my guilty pleasures: Hard-boiled: The Greatest Show On Earth ('74 Giro) Death on the Mountain: The Story of Tom Simpson Soft-boiled: The Flying Scotsman, Graeme Obree biopic Quicksilver The Triplets of Belleville (originally released in UK as Belleville Rendez-vous)

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