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You almost certainly do not want a "mountain bike". A "mountain bike", for me, has: quite thick tyres lots of gears potentially a thick/heavy frame If you're riding round town, those thick tyres will just add friction to your ride. They made it harder to pedal, they make you slower, and you don't need them. Unless it's very hilly where you live, you ...


I had this predicament several years ago when I decided to get back into cycling, but also use it as my main method of transport for commuting. To cut a long story short, I opted for a Cyclocross bike (think of a road bike-come mountain bike). These offer wider tyres, often the knobbly variety, which makes them perfect for off-road riding. You can also get ...


"Road Bike" is a pretty broad term, but let's assume we're talking about a bike designed for long-distance road riding and not criterium or even road racing—a category used to be called "sport touring," but is now referred to as "endurance racing." Current examples include bikes like the Trek Domane, Giant Defy and Specialized Roubaix. Also, it depends ...


Don't try and design the geometry. Go with what fits you. From bike to bike geometry will differ. Gravel is going to be more upright than a road bike. It will ride like cylcocross. If you have the same make in a road bike then see what size is your height and pick a gravel for that height.

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