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Adding to the answer by @mattnz ... This looks to me like an old frame to me. The steep headtube angle is supposed to be matched with forks that have more forward curve. And it should have drop bars. Here is another Parleigh, built as a fixie (from here): Notice the seat height, and the reach to the bars.


If there's little stand-over space, then the frame doesn't fit you, and there's nothing you can do except get a new frame. Either get one with a shorter seat tube, or get a "compact" design with a sloping top tube. You can just stop reading here, but I'll answer your other points just because. You can move the seat back, or get a longer stem, or get ...


The bike was built as a racer and it looks you are trying to make it into a hybrid/Commuter and get a more relaxed riding position. This wont work as the geometry is wrong for that. Have you tried with the seat more horizontal. As it is, it will push you forward. Its also as far forward as it will go - slide if back on its rails. At the same time raise ...


The geometry of this frame looks odd. 622mm wheels are too large to fit comfortably in a 51cm frame. Usually sizes this small are made to compensate with very steep seat tube angle to let the rear wheel forward and very shallow steering angle to avoid toes clipping front wheel. This bike has been made the other way around and that is why it looks and feels ...


Because of the era of production, the length of the bike is actually fine, and it's just the hight that is off. Where is the problem then? Saddle too high even when lowered as far as possible? The wheel size is completly irrelevant for that problem. Or are you unable to stand on the ground without your privates hitting the top tube?


If you are doing exercises that cause pain in your knee, it generally could mean one of two things, your mechanics are bad and putting strain on your joint, or your joint hasn't seen such hard use and the tendons, ligaments and joint capsule aren't adapted to such use. Since it sounds like you strength train regularly, I'd guess you have a mechanics issue. ...


I'd guess you're doing the majority of the damage to your knees with the squats and that the riding the bike heavily just exacerbates it. Maybe you also just don't really have any other occasion to use your knee ligaments in a way to feel the damage you're doing. I'm a pedal masher too but heavy squats are a real killer.

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