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If it's a steel frame some people recommend heating up the seat tube (LIGHTLY) to expand the metal and then try and wiggle the post out but that seemed like too much effort to me. When I got a seatpost stuck in a frame I went to an auto garage and put the frame in a vice. Then used their pneumatic air chisel on the seatpost and it came flying out in ...


Sheldon Brown has a thorough article about stuck seat posts. http://sheldonbrown.com/stuck-seatposts.html Thick soled shoes might also work, if the saddle isn't that much too high.


The position does change from one discipline to another. There are no fixed values or ratios, but, at least until recently the differences were significant. In the early day of mountain biking racing cross country was a long race (almost 3 hours) with few technical sections. Since these races were flatter, it was thought that aerodynamics could play a ...


Why should you prioritize top tube length over stand over? Because top tube length affects fit and stand over does not affect fit. When you are riding the bike stand over does not affect fit. My CX only has 1" of stand over. A big triangle is good for stiffness and shoulder carry. A tall top tube means faster transition to shoulder carry. I don't get ...

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