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The bike you seeks is probably not available off-the-shelf new from a bike shop. Your best bet is to find the bike you like with a coaster brake. Make sure that a) the rear rim is "hand-brake" compatible (chances are it will be rim brake compatible I have never seen a coaster brake hub with disc mounts!) and b) the frame and fork have mounts/posts for ...


Finding a mix of step brake and hand is not going to be easy You may want to consider disc brakes. They have more power and are WAY less effected by rain. By old fashioned women do you mean step through? disc with set through


They are still made! Try a search for "bicycle coaster brake." You can narrow it to a "woman's" frame by adding "mixte" or "step through" or "woman's" to the key words. If you want gears add "3-speed" or "internally geared." Those searches will get you quite a range of bikes – from retro beach cruisers to very modern urban bikes. Once you find some that ...

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