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I thankfully never was in that situation, but if the driver doesn't let you go or is getting out of the car, use the bike's advantages over the car : Go in the wrong direction in a one-way (using the sidewalk if need be) Go off the road using pedestrian's facilities (sidewalk, park) Change direction quickly or go back the other way on the same road All ...


Call the police. Get his plate number, his description and report him to the authorities. Idiots like that are too thick to talk to, it takes an officer to get through to them. Call the cops while you're riding, tell them you fear for your safety and let them hear the idiot shouting at you.


Pull off the road sooner. Sure, you have a right to be there, but it was quite clear that this creep wasn't prepared to accept that. Your safety is more important than taking the lane. Noting his license-plate number and car make/model as he vanishes into the distance isn't a bad idea either, in case you see him again.


In addition to the two answers citing the Highway Code - the key words are 'perfectly entitled'. The answer is 'No'. The HC does not have the force of Law in the UK, but infractions of the Code will be taken into account if a driver's actions result in an accident or an intervention by the Police. Drivers have a duty of care to other road users, and ...


Highway code rule 163 give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car He wouldn't overtake a car as it was turning left, so he shouldn't overtake a cyclist; 2ft is not an adequate safe margin.


The UK Highwaycode states: Using the road: Turning left Rule 182 Use your mirrors and give a left-turn signal well before you turn left. Do not overtake just before you turn left and watch out for traffic coming up on your left before you make the turn, especially if driving a large vehicle. Cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users in ...

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