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Note that if you have a penny farthing, then hopping curbs really isn't much of a problem. You do have to be careful not to do an end-over but a bit of leaning back on the saddle or hooking your legs on the front bars would do the trick. Some various positions for penny-farthing MTBing: Note that solid rubber tires had an advantage over modern ...


We just pulled the front wheel up and dropped it as we went over the curb, then we kept riding, letting momentum pull the rear wheel over the bike. It's what I still do. (I don't have a BMX bike.) Sheesh. So much fuss over a simple and second-nature action we never even gave a 2nd thought to.


People were doing tricks on bicycles almost as soon as they were invented. While I couldn't find references about curb hopping in particular, I'm pretty sure that these tricksters from the late 1800s wouldn't have had a problem pulling it off. Cyclocross has roots that go almost as far back. The first organized cyclocross races were around the end of the ...

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