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If the seat is low, you can use your feet as a brake by squealing it against the ground when your bmx is brakeless.


I ride a pro racer XL BMX. They are built for speed. I keep my seat down for 2 reasons. all my pedaling is done standing up -- power is everything for a racer. My saddle is made of one material only -- composite material -- its like sitting on a steel plate. I only use it to coast on and relax -- and that is only after the race. However, If I ...


I wouldn't put disk brakes on any fork that isn't designed to carry the loads. This looks like a cheap steel bike, folded rather than snapping. This one looks like an alloy fork because its grey but has snapped not bent. Finally here's one based on carbon with all the daggy fibres hanging out. If you're mechanically inclined, either reinforce the ...


If your problem is just that you're heavy, remember that things have changed significantly in the last 10 years. Bike manufacturing has taken up new materials and technologies now, so we have high-strength alloys (of steel as well as aluminium) and a lot of parts are stronger or lighter than they used to be. It's likely that 14mm 10 years ago is no stronger ...

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