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After talking to FBM's warranty department, they have confirmed that on the Hard Way, and a couple other frames, the serial number is located on a plate within the Bottom Bracket housing. I took my bike apart and found it right where they stated. Mine was on the left hand (if you're standing over the frame) side, but this could vary.


I would be surprised if any quality frame does not have a serial number. Many manufacturers warn against frames with no number, or numbers scratched off, so your concern is somewhat valid and you should follow up on it. Also reading suggests the frame should have come with a warranty card. Photograph the ...


The bike is most likely a Verde Theory (from 2014) IIRC, these were the only models that had the embossed Verde leaf on the head tube. Source: I've been riding mostly Verde bikes and parts since 2011, have seen my fair share of parts and know the branding fairly well.


Verde BMX at They appear to be based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Method: I did a google image search for "BMX logo leaf" because it looks like a leaf to me One of the images is this, which looks kind of similar Following the link to their web site gave me this answer

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