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$50 max. First, take some real photos of the bike. Fix the lighting and photo the drive side. I can't say that loudly enough, NDS photos baffle me. Fitbikeco has a fine reputation but that looks to be a pretty old model. (Do you know what year it is? That is obviously helpful.) Strikes against it just based on the photos: Not microdrive (correct me if I'm ...


It protects your balls from being smashed and when you ride if bike it feels nice to just sit down and be low to he ground with a low center of gravity. It makes it a lot easier to bust off tricks and just feel comfortable sitting down waiting for your turn in the bowls.


20.5" is way to big. You likely want something more around 18.5". There are a number of bmx bike sizing charts out on the net to help guide you. Two examples are: https://www.usabmx.com/tracks/1709/pages/492 https://www.danscomp.com/serve/products%7Ccharts/riderchart.htm Other items you'll want to consider changing in addition to the frame size are ...


90% chance its a generic BSO. If you have a distinct feature, post a photo and someone might recognise it, but... Why do you want to bother identifying the maker? You already have a frame that will have certain dimensions or bearing sizes. There's little if anything to be gained from buying parts from the manufacturer. Your best tools are likely to be a ...

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