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Cyclists shaving their legs is more tradition than anything else--there is a whole industry around creams, soaps, and salves. However, I'll defer to Sheldon Brown's explanation for a few acceptable reasons why they do it: To prevent infection when crashing. To pull off bandages more painlessly after dressing a wound. To get a massage of the legs without ...


It's the best way to show off the hard work you've put into developing all those muscles :)


I've never seen a noticeable difference in wind resistance whenever I've shaved my legs for cycling, though I was never competitive to the point of measuring time in hundredths of a second. I have found, from painful personal experience, that road rash from a crash heals much more nicely on shaved skin than hairy legs, mostly because bandages and tape ...


So you can get razor sharp tan lines. Pesky hair can result in migrating shorts which leads to blurring of the tan line. And really ... if you are going to look foolish, you might as well just jump RIGHT in.


Aesthetical reasons trump all else. Hairy limbs peeking out of tight lycra just look nasty. Contemplate attached picture to see what looks better, Astarloa's legs or arms?


Your options for temporary hair removal are: Razor Blade: Pros - cheap, easy to do for most areas. Cons - you won't stay smooth for long, regrowth is stubbly, you can cut yourself. Electric Razor: Pros - very cheap, very easy to do for most areas. Cons - you won't stay smooth for long, regrowth is stubbly. Depilatory Cream: Pros - fairly cheap, fairly easy ...


I agree with Dustin's answer as the putative reasons usually cited, but I think at some level, it's a mark of the tribe. Guys figure "if I shave my legs, other cyclists (and even some non-cyclists) will recognize me as a fellow cyclist." If being a cyclist is an important part of your identity, that'll be important to you. It is kind of cool to be able to ...


For cycling, there are only a few reasons to shave: Massage - feels better without all the hair tugging. Taping/bandaging - In the event of a crash, taping and bandaging is easier without hair. Additionally, wounds in general are cleaner when incurred without hair. Vanity - Hair tends to cast shadows and blur the edges of well defined muscle. Cooling - ...


That's quite strange thing to "understand". There's absolutely no bicycle-specific requirements to shave anything. Most people involved with sports (any sports) will do some shaving from time to time for various reasons. One of the leading reasons for shaving is the simple fact that a layer of body hair present under a layer of clothing significantly ...


One reason not yet mentioned is that in summer your legs feel cooler. But I think the No. 1 reason is psychological - it looks good and all the fast guys do it (sorry ladies, the shaving legs things for girls is so not an issue).


There are two additional things that haven't been mentioned yet. First, road rash is actually made worse by hairy legs. We all know that when you hit the pavement it acts like sandpaper scraping a layer off your skin. However, if you have hairy legs the hairs get pulled out by the root as well. This makes the road rash deeper where your skin actually comes ...


I'll confess to shaving my butt (with an electric trimmer) prior to a long ride. This largely alleviates "butt burn". But leg hairs don't seem to be a problem when I wear standard cycling shorts. I have had leg hair problems, though, when wearing other types of shorts. (My legs aren't all that hairy, though.)


Common, Am I the only one whose thigh hairs gets pulled while cycling. Or when cycling on jeans(I know its horrible thing), the ups and downs of hair is just kills me. Thats the reason I shave. To be pretty, when I am cycling, no way. I am cycling, not modeling for the cycles. (Sorry, guys if I have offended you.)


Allegedly, shaved legs make it much easier to apply and remove embrocation, increases it effectiveness, and eliminates the "bugs crawling on skin" feeling when hairs pop back into position. FYI: embrocation is an ointment used to heat muscles & joints on chilly days.

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