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Assuming you can get the bottom bracket out (this may be non-trivial), Velo Orange among other companies make "universal bottom brackets". To quote Velo Orange: "Grand Cru threadless bottom brackets fit most frames, even those with Swiss threading. And they work on frames with damaged BB shells, even if the existing threading is totally stripped. Unlike ...


I did this just last year. It's not a hard upgrade. You'll need to replace the bottom bracket and crankset. With a bike of that age, depending on the make, it might be difficult to find a modern bottom bracket that can fit your bike. Take it to the local bike store to determine the shell width, or measure with your current one. This requires being pretty ...


Look at the thread on the exposed cup. That tells you which way you need to turn the cup to get it out (there are multiple standards here, and one of the key differences is that some use left hand threads instead of the usual right hand). It looks to me as though the top of that cop should rotate to the right to remove it, in which case it is a left hand ...


I agree with @Mac that you may not be able to tell the difference between 103 and 107. If your current 103mm is in good shape, why not buy the new crankset and try it on the old bottom bracket? Evaluate the chainline. If it's good, you are done. If the (front) chainring is too far inboard, buy the 107mm bottom bracket.


I went to take pictures of the BB installation as @Batman suggested. After removing the crank arm, I actually noticed an offset of 1-2 mm on the drive side, like @mattnz anticipated. However, I also noticed that there was a gap of about 1 mm between the frame and the BB lid: After this observation I googled a little bit, and learned from this forum thread ...


It will fit. If you need references: If you look at the Shimano Tech Doc, it suggests the Shimano BB-UN26 (which you can find that you can fit it in that version).


I would suggest taking it in to a small bike shop. Most of the employees that I have seen at bike shops are friendly and willing to help. If you show them what is wrong they might be able to tell you how to fix it. I have done it that way in the past and it has worked for me.


This is the «cup-and-cone» bb type. This means the part you have unscrewed is the lockring, and the mystery part is a bb cone. This type off bb is very like to cone-based hubs (like Shimano ones). You can use vise (bolt clamp) to operate with this type of bb, but be careful if you want to put it back after disassembling.


It's a bottom bracket cup. There are specialty tools you can use to remove it such as the HCW-11 on this page, or if it isn't rusted in, you can probably accomplish the same with an adjustable crescent wrench. Under there are some ball bearings, so make sure you don't lose any when you open it up. The bearings should be in a cage, which would stop you from ...

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