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I'm sure it is 104 mm BCD there are a lot of 30T chainrings for it. I recommend you find a Race Face Narrow Wide 30T chainring.


The key measurement for chainrings is the Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD). If you imagine those four bolts being points on the circumference of a circle, then the BCD is the circle's diameter. As always, Sheldon Brown's site is a good reference here (and his crib sheet will help you work out your bike's BCD). So having found out your BCD, any shainring with ...


That sure looks like a 112 BCD to me. Just looking at you you can see there is not much if any room to get smaller. There are some around that squeeze in a 33T. If it is 104 BCD then according to Sheldon you can go down to 32T but I would look around as the just does not seem right to me. To me it looks like 32T is the smallest for 104. Again just ...

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