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Tektro Auriga must accept same brakepads as Shimano M515 and similar. These Nukeproof pads claim to be compatible with Auriga.


Seems that the answers are all yes, no and maybe at the same time http://answers.chainreactioncycles.com/answers/5230-en_gb/product/prod92721/shimano-shimano-slx-alfine-g01s-disc-brake-pads-questions-answers/questions.htm?sort=recenta Summarises to "they're close but not the same, theres a different profile on the two models of pad." You're unlikely to ...


If they work, use them. When I've been unable to find the right pads while touring I managed to find some that would go into the calipers and initially I planned to just ride to the next bike shop. But they worked as well as the originals so I kept them until they wore out. The key factors: material compatible with your brakes (resin/sintered) they fit ...

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