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Just to give you a boundary case on how quickly pads can and do wear have a look at my current bike: I replaced my rear brake pads in Nov 2012. It is now almost March 2013 - so 4 months have passed. My rear brake pad is totally worn and riding metal on metal. I am going to replace it next weekend. Here are my stats: 4 Months Riding 30 Days/month ...


On Rim Brakes: I'd be surprised if you managed to wreck a set of brake pads in a week (or even several hundred miles in nasty commuting weather). Off road riding (MTB, cyclocross, etc.) can chew through a set of pads within a ride or two though depending on the terrain and the technicality of the ride. If they're trying to sell you new pads on a bike ...


Hydraulic brakes' pistons need to be cleaned "every couple of month". If not, the dirt soaks the brake fluid and contaminated the brake pads. Also, a dirty piston can get stuck and then doesn't work anymore.

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