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In my opinion, this should NOT be done. Bicycles are very versatile, and one can not only use a single all-purpose bike for many purposes, but also to have/design specialty bikes, as it is the case of a Strida. And, by the way, is the case with a lot of child-carrying specific bikes and/or equipment. But, as it seems to me, a Strida is a SPECIALTY BIKE NOT ...


If it's a steel folding pedal, it takes a 24mm socket. If it's titanium, it needs a 10mm allen key. See the options at listed at this SJS Cycles page.


(Brompton doesn't provide any detailed pictures or component data on their web site, so I'm working from the crummy little pictures I can find.) Basic service is no different from any other bike, with a few twists. You can get yourself a "chain washer" (and accompanying solvent) to clean the chain, wipe dry with a rag after cleaning, then apply a good ...


The Brompton owner's manual states: SECTION K: ROUTINE REPLACEMENTS. Planned replacement is advised to ensure both safety and good performance. The suggested intervals between replacements are for bicycles subjected to normal use: the most appropriate timing depends on the conditions of use and your riding style. ALUMINIUM COMPONENTS: as on ...


Aluminum in general has a useful fatigue life of about 5 years. Which is why most manufacturers have started limiting frame warranties to 5 years. Fatigue Life data for 6061 alloy here. If your folder has been ridden regularly over the 7 years you've owned it, then consider replacing them. If it's been lightly used, or mostly garaged, then you're are ...


As per an email from Brompton: ...the folding pedal needs a 24mm socket to remove unless it is a superlight bike, the titanium folding pedal bolt uses a 10mm hex. The right hand pedal uses a standard 15mm spanner.


Light & Motion makes a headlight, side markers and tail light that straps to your helmet called the Vis 360. That might be a better option so you don't have to worry about the lights getting into the way of the folding.

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