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I have a Chariot (now Thule) cart attached to my Brompton (with internal gears). It has the standard adapter (similar to the one in the picture above) and works fine. I didn't have to do any adaptations. The only issue is that the cart leans forward due to the 20" wheel but my little one does just fine.


If you go with one of the bigger, more solid folding bikes you can use a standard child seat. With most smaller-folding bikes you'll run into weight limits even if you can get one to fit - they're often only rated for 90kg or so, which means that even a light 60kg adult and a 10kg child doesn't leave a lot of margin for "it wasn't designed for this" ...


The page you linked to has indicated that the Pere is now available again for 199 euro: The new/re-release version unfortunately doesn't have folding pedals, which some people have noted causes some difficulty in folding.

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