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Another reason why I change my cables (every couple of years) is that the ends of the outer casing tend to get crimped and break down. Then you need to tighten up everything and eventually will not be able to take up all slack to create the tension that you need. Also most housings have an SPF rating just like sunblock, although it takes a long time ...


Cable stretch is mostly just things settling into place (ferrules into housing, housing into frame stops, housing compressing) rather than physical stretching of the cables, and after a week or so of installing new cables, you simply adjust them to the right tension. This is normal, as is periodic adjustments of cable tensions involved on your bicycle. ...


It looks like the initial cable adjustment is too loose. You need to adjust (remove the slack)from the cable at the cable pinch bolt on the brake caliper or arm. Before you make these adjustments verify that the brake pads are not worn to the point of needing replacement as you will need to do this again when the pads are replaced.


That ring is supposed to be a lock ring. Tighten it up against the brake.


As all the comments have stated most appear to be brand/ model specific. Since it is an older frame it is possible that it didn't have them. Some older frames snaked the entire cable housing thru the frame. The stop was on the component, (brake, derailleur or frame mounted cable stop). If you search for custom bike frames builders you may find some local ...

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