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Short answer: no. I've cut a 10mm stranded cable using normal straight-jaw wire cutters in under a minute. 4mm I expect I'd cut in one go, in whatever time it took to put the side-cutters onto the cable plus a second. The 10mm cable I cut with sidecutters because that's the tool I had handy, so I just nibbled a bit of the plastic cover away and then cut one ...


Generally you need a decently hefty one for some resistance. A 4mm diameter one should be pretty much trivial to cut through. Something like which is about 10 mm in diameter is a bit better (in conjunction with a good U-lock or chain lock protecting the rear wheel+frame), but it also depends on how well the cable inside is constructed. The smart thing ...


If this is a 3 speed Sturmey Archer or similar system you need a replacement cable. It will come complete with the cable and housing with the ends installed. There are universal replacement cables available (I have one on my 35 year old Raleigh). The shift adjuster ferrule has a clamp/pinch nut attached so a standard shift cable can be used. Checking several ...


There are a variety of industry solutions for crimping stops on to a cable like this. They sometimes require a special crimp tool, but you can usually get by with a vice. You might start with something like this: http://www.savacable.com/pages/prod_02_04.html See the second entry, "Stop Sleeves"

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