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Before you buy anything,make sure the shifter is adjusted corectly. Put the bike on a stand or whatever it takes to allow the pedals and the rear wheel to move freely. The adjustment should be made from the second highest gear (the second smallest Which is the second from the outside). Tighten the adjuster until the chain makes noise trying to shift into the ...


A couple of things could be the reason of your derailleur shifting on its own. I assume that both the derailleurs and the shifters are in good working order, that you washed and lubricated them and correct adjust them with the respective screws. Please refer to Park Tools repair help guide to correctly set all these adjustments. You can find it here and ...


Ghost shifting is generally caused by the frame flexing, not by friction in the cables. Other causes can be a poorly fitting or too short cable housing. Something is causing the length of the cable between the stops to change. Cleaning the cable run and using a teflon coated shift cable won't hurt and might alleviate the problem if it's a combo of bottom ...


Generally, if you were to roll the shroud back, remove the cable, squeeze the lever all the way, and then look, you would see that, with the lever squeezed, there is a sort of hole in the lever arm exposed where the barrel-shaped cable end fits. You need several inches of slack in the cable to get it into/out of that hole.

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