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If I understand your question your concern is the area of cable that is normally exposed.. The sections that run along the top tube or the rear stays. I bought a 300 meter coil of 1/8" id plastic tubing. Look on E bay or Amazon or similar.


You can buy 30 meter rolls of cable housing such as . I would opt for Shimano or Transfil, as have seen problems with the much cheaper Clarkes. Brake cable housings have a completely different construction to shifters. The housing is a coiled sheath , compared to the axial strands in shifter housing. ...


It is always strongly recommended (by the manufacturers, I read it on Shimano's instruction sheet) not to lubricate a new cable when you're installing it. The reason is that both cable and housing are teflon-coated at the factory and lubrication could destroy that. When a cable loses the ability to move freely it is best replaced together with the housing.


Youtube "Cable luber"... it's a small little tool/adapter used to force lubrication through the cable... These tools are cheap when bought on Ebay...


One difference that internal cables make is if you transport your bike by car or have to haul it around by hand. Because the cables are inside the frame, they are less likely to get pinched by the clamp on your car-mount (especially if you use a trunk mount that clamps the top-tube). This is also true for car/bus bike mounts that clamp the down tube. If ...

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