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Always "riding your hardest" is called "junk miles" because it is not possible to always ride your hardest. The biggest performance gains come from more targeted and disciplined riding (as suggested by mattnz). To climb your steep hills (I assume these are relatively short, steep climbs, not a mountain pass) you need to work on developing high power over ...


I get the impression when you hit the road its full out 110% effort for the length of the ride. I would suggest from the "lungs burning" description that you are over training and exercising above your anaerobic threshold. You don;t say how often or how far you ride. First up - your cadence is way too low and you risk damaging you knees. Go for a series ...


Time for some Pee You need to consider PACING yourself. Use something like strava to log your rides and see your improvements over time, because it never feels like you're getting faster at the time. I did a hill last weekend in 8 minutes that used to take me 15 minutes, 9 months ago. Didn't feel like it at the time. PEERS - riding alone is nice and quiet ...


30 cadence is too low and will tend to fatigue the legs more. Pick a lower gear. You don't need to be a pro to climb like a pro. And there are other videos on youtube. As for getting better at climbing - climb more (and at a higher cadence).


Looks like an older generation Sigma Sport bike computer with that has its silk screened logos worn away. The two 7-segment displays and small alphanumeric display in the center are their trade mark and as you noticed, the mount is Sigma. The second set of connections in the mount is for cadence sensor that is sold separately. Over the years, Sigma has ...


SIGMA make a connecting pod with USB connection to the PC. It takes the bike computer via twist lock. They have their own data suite for reading and archiving data from the bike computer. You should find it on their website.

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