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Rideye is coming out with a camera specifically designed as a bicycle black box: http://www.rideye.com/ In your format: 1: 15hr - 3. No weight listed - 4. $149US - 6. 1080p/170° - 7: :) It's not out yet, but at least spec-wise it seems like a winner. It's Kickstarted and a bit delayed, but I'm considering getting one when it's actually for sale.


I use a contour roam 2 & found the on/off button brilliant, can use with any gloves. As my commute involves off road/on road, I only record the road elements. So although the battery lasts about 2/2.5hours, I can record almost an entire week (10hours) of rides on 1 battery/memory card. Good tip: At the end of each bit of recording, I record my hand ...

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