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Mine was making noise from the seat post. It got fixed, but still, when I apply pressure on the pedals in the higher gears, I hear strange noise that I can't tell from where it is coming, it is annoying.


Campagnolo (not Mavic) make a Shimano-compatible cassette body for the Zonda. It's the same unit as they also use on the Fulcrum wheels and it will take a genuine Shimano cassette directly. Whilst the cassette body is advertised as 10/11s, it will work fine with 8s - the spline pattern on the inside of the cassette sprockets is the same. You will need to ...


My advice is "don't". Campagnolo doesn't typically play nice with non-Campy stuff without jumping through hoops (see footnote). In particular, Shimano cassettes (which you need for <=10 speed systems for Shimano shifters) won't go on a Campagnolo freehub. So, you need to either move completely to Campy (expensive) or buy a rear wheel which is Shimano ...

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