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I have Cannondale Quick CX 2010 with a headshok on a Fatty fork. The lock never really worked, it locked but there was always a very small move causing noise when riding over a bump. The bike mechanic suggested to avoid locking the shok. It lasted about two years before I needed to start adding air every month or so. One day it leaked oil everywhere, made ...


I switched my badboy 2 to schwalbe marathon plus tires to get just a bit of tread for extra grip in wet conditions (and extra leak-proof ness! Not unimportant in a bike for daily use!). There is always some grit or dirt on the road and in the wet some tread just gets you a bit more grip in those cases.


You only need tread on soft surfaces like mud, snow or gravel where the tire can sink into and interlock with the ground. Low tire pressure helps for the same reason, because the tire can cling to the ground and runs smoother. Unless you have really rough tarmac where some kind of interlocking can happen, a slick, high pressure 23mm tire will have as much ...


Bikes don't have enough speed / surface area to hydroplane. A slick does as good as tread in the rain.

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