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Most cars have a tow loop. It is pretty strong as it is built to tow the car. Loop a cable around the bikes and lock it to the tow loop.


The Simplest Option - Passive Lock Strap By far the simplest and easiest way to do this is to use a "trunk lock strap" or "passive lock strap". Searching in Google for either of those phases should turn up suitable products. The idea with these is that they are a flexible cable that you loop around your bike and then close a thicker stubbed end inside your ...


North Shore Racks makes a six-bike rack: http://www.northshoreracks.com


I take it you are talking about the process of loading the bike, not when the bike is up there and the car is in movement (since most bike racks have a kind of trough that keeps the front wheel aligned). What I have done on occasion is to loosen the handlebar and turn it backwards about 75 degrees relative to the fork. The handlebar is then more or less ...

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