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Being both a hatchback owner and a trunk rack owner, I can tell you yes...and no. I've got a Saris Bones 3 rack and the feet have etched the window slightly. While the feet are of a more rubbery plastic, I think it's when there's dirt and grit underneath and moves (even unnoticeable movement) it grinds at the window. It usually cleans up pretty well, but I ...


This instruction shows it on a window. THRUWAY And I would not assume that any rack with padded bars contact points mounts the same.


From personal experience with Enterprise, I brought a rack with me when I went to Colorado to ride. I just made sure to cover the contact points so it didn't leave and scratches or marks and put it on after getting to my hotel and before leaving. I think it's kind of a don't-ask-don't-tell policy.


Sixt rental cars USA customer service says: We do have bike racks available but it is based on the location as well as availability. With any rental car agency, you should call and verify that they have the equipment you would like before you depart on your trip.

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