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At the risk of getting beat up on carbon will give it a try. CF seems to be a sensitive subject. If I had 4 bikes I need to use as step stools I would go with this order (and I really have all but aluminum): 1) steel 2) titanium 3) carbon fiber (CF) 4) aluminum There is a bit of discussion and comments that bearing weight on the top tube is not a ...


You could theoretically damage any frame in that manner. Tubes are meant to support a load from either end, not in the middle. No bike is designed to support a great deal of weight on the top tube. Theoretically carbon, steel and titanium could all flex/bend and resume their normal shape, where aluminum couldn't, but nonetheless it still isn't a good idea ...


I would not be afraid to let anybody stand on my carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel bike. If standing on the top tube breaks the bike, it would be liable to break after any minor mishap, and you're safer getting it repaired or replaced. Bikes are sturdy -- even CF road bikes.

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