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On carbon frames I've used, they have had a single bolt clamp like this one, so it should be fine. Personally, I'd like to use a slightly bigger clamp and one of those rubber size-decreasing rings to avoid cracking the frame. If in doubt I'd phone up the manufacturer of the frame and ask!


I'd avoid doing this. Basically, you do a light (typically wet) sanding by hand (very carefully), prime it with an appropriate primer (maybe a few times) and then paint over it with an appropriate color. However, since the sanding has to be done carefully (since its easy to destroy carbon fiber by sanding), you're going to end up paying someone a lot of ...


0down vote I also have built a direct drive geared bike. http://comfybikes.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page_22.html But am interested how Joakim managed to modify the Pinion gears to fit them in the hub? Could NuVinci CVT be modified for the purpose?

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