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One question is whether carbon fiber is the right material for let us say BMX frames. GT made a nice looking box beam frame called the UB2. The problem was that the factory riders would not ride it and went back to aluminum, at least for a time, because what they said UB2 was sluggish, especially out of the gate. Having recently learned about this complaint, ...


I'd not take this "statement from authority" as an absolute truth. Ask them to prove its impact damage. Depending on your location, there may be ombudsman services or small claims courts where you can pursue them for "failure to honour warranty contract" If the frame is replaced, they will keep the old one and you look after your new one. If the claim ...


This isn't a ulock, but it's the same idea. It's a 0.9 lb bike lock made from Titanium. They cost $99 and come with a water bottle cage mount as shown. TiGrĀ® mini Bike Lock enter link description here

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