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For my daily commute and for moderate sized weekly grocery trips I use two waste baskets, permanently mounted, each with 6 gallon capacity. They serve as waterproof hard shells into which I can insert any bags, backpacks, clothes etc, that I want.


I go grocery shopping with my bike all the time, I put groceries in touring panniers mounted on a rear rack. They are a little cumbersome to load but I can fit a lot of stuff. You can't fit a week's worth of groceries for a family of 5, though, so it depends on your situation. For a solution more elegant for shopping, you can buy square-shaped shopping ...


Many grocery stores do deliveries. There's also taxis. Living without a car and having to get groceries for my family has taught me that bicycles aren't always the best solution. About once a month plan a big trip and get a list of all the heavy, non-perishables items you will need. This will include canned goods, frozen meats and vegetables, dried goods ...


There are trailers in a similar form factor, like the Burley Travoy (no recommendation, just the first I found), that are made for the purpose. These will be a lot more stable than any home made conversion of something that was never designed to go faster than slow walking pace.


I agree with Blams comment, I don't think you would want to pull that cart behind a bike. Since you still want to take it into the store, maybe use that cart & mount it on a flatbed trailer with bungee cords. Something like this maybe: http://www.burley.com/page_453/flatbedsuptmsup


I think you would be much better off converting an old kids trailer. They can be found pretty cheap on Craigslist.

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