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i dont know very good trips in bmx and i want a new hub . i shoud buy a freecoastero o cassete?


If you want to go from Shimano 10 speed road to 11 speed road, you'll need a new cassette, new shifters, a new chain and a new rear derailleur, since the cable pull ratios have changed (again). Zinn also notes that 10 speed FD might not shift as nicely as 10 speed FD with the 11 speed shifters, so may as well throw one of those in. So, in the drive train, ...


The 11-25 will work fine with the SRAM components, the bigger question is whether your derailleur will handle the change in cassette range. Head to your local shop for specifics. It probably will, but that's the part you should go about verifying.


Personally I would not stretch it that far. Aside from spacing you should check if your frame has derailleur hanger, and cable stops. Lastly you would have to ensure proper chain line after the stretch, possibly requiring BB and/or crank set change.


The chain will typically slip under the following conditions: 1. the chain is worn out (this can be measured with a cheap tool, or by your LBS). 2. the cassette is worn out 3. one or more of the chainrings (the cogs on the crankset) is worn out 4. the chain and/or cassette/cogs/pulley wheel are dirty and full of oil/road-grit/gunk. These can occur ...


It all depends on how long your chain is currently. Also it depends on if your rear derailleur is a short or mid cage. I would say that a jump up from 24 to 32 is a bit to big for any chain. Of course without seeing how much slack is in your chain right now the right answer will vary. You certainly can put the new cassette on and you will know right away if ...


Most likely the free hub is sticking. The grease can get old and sticky. Service the hub. Lots of videos on youtube. Or take the hub to a shop. And you can wear out a hub - some parts are serviceable. Sticky hub is not likely to break a chain but it is a problem that needs to be corrected.

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