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My friend and I have identical bikes, bought as a double ride to work scheme. He leaves his outside and mine is kept inside. He started having this problem and replaced everything except the derailleur, which I think is over lubed and dirty and does not allow the tension to be constant on the chain causing it to slip. Every time mine starts slipping I ...


I went to take pictures of the BB installation as @Batman suggested. After removing the crank arm, I actually noticed an offset of 1-2 mm on the drive side, like @mattnz anticipated. However, I also noticed that there was a gap of about 1 mm between the frame and the BB lid: After this observation I googled a little bit, and learned from this forum thread ...


I would suggest taking it in to a small bike shop. Most of the employees that I have seen at bike shops are friendly and willing to help. If you show them what is wrong they might be able to tell you how to fix it. I have done it that way in the past and it has worked for me.


This sounds like there's a problem with your rear hub's freehub body (assuming you're running a cassette). The pawls get messed up sometimes and cause a jump when you're pedaling. If this is the case, you can try to replace the freehub body, which requires a bit of work. You basically have to take the axle out of the hub and get a 10mm wrench down there ...

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