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To quote SRAM on YAW: "The front derailleur cage rotates to maintain a consistent angular relationship with the chain. Yaw technology eliminates the need for shifter trim. As a result, shifts feel more direct, more precise, and combined with the new Red crankset and chainrings, delivers an unmatched performance advantage in front shifting." According to ...


Here are some points taken from the literature: Mechanical efficiency is usually 88-98% for majority of deraileur systems (when clean,lubricated and new) Drivetrain efficiency decreases with smaller rear cogs, Highest efficiency can be reached at high torques and low cadence, Chainline effects are negligible, imposible to note with measurement apparatus, ...


Chainline would have a (small) effect. If you are cross chaining 36 to 12 then that would not be as efficient and cause more wear. Geared versus single speed is another question in my mind as a lot changes - type of chain. Same chainline I doubt the efficiency difference is enough to measure. On a smaller rear the chain has to take a tighter radius ...


Assuming you are talking about chainring (not sprocket), it should be fine. You should only be worry with an 8- or lower-speed chain on a 9- or more speed freehub. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Bicycles/Maintenance_and_Repair/Chains/Chain_sizes

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