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There's no right/wrong answer. Just make sure you have some sort of towel available so you can wipe your hands before riding. What I generally do is place dabs on the chamois and rub the sides together to spread it around -- keeps the hands relatively clean and doesn't require a separate applicator. Some people prefer to rub it on their butt. I don't use ...


Most of your chamois creams/"butt butters", such as Paceline's "Chamois Butt`r", are fairly conventional combos of standard skin cream ingredients, with a heavy emphasis on lanolin. I've never tried petrolatum (though many swear by it), and I'm a bit skeptical as to how it would fare compared to the more skin-cream-like concoctions. Plus it would make more ...


As a followup to my answer on "Picking Chamois Creme", BodyGlide hasn't affected the life of my shorts so far after 3 years of heavy use. But it never completely washes out either. My experience with other products is too limited to comment.


I would look for the following: Doesn't transition from smooth (good) to sticky (bad) over the course of a long ride Easy to apply before a ride, and during if needed Reasonably easy to wash off from both skin and shorts Hypoallergenic if possible. Even if you're not initially allergic to the ingredients, it's possible to develop something after enough ...


Not home-made, but pretty darn cheap (less than $5 last time I bought it, and it's lasted over 2 years): Lantiseptic. http://www.rusa.org/newsletter/08-04-10.html


Depends on the type of lube/cream you're using. For short rides, I just use Glide. It comes in a deodorant style container and can be applied directly to the nether regions. For longer rides, I use a tube+cream based lube that i apply in both places chamois and directly to the "friction zone." One indispensable word of advice, if you are directly ...


It really depends on the type of Chamois Cream you are using. I use Assos and that has a little bit thicker consistency than Vaseline, so it typically takes a bit more to get a good spread across everything. The rule of thumb I follow is anywhere where friction will be a factor. That for me means most of the taint, and the inner part of the upper thigh. ...


Back when shorts had real chamois, I used Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the chamois all the time with no problems. If I were doing it today, I think I'd go with lanolin. This brand works very well and is obviously very gentle.

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