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I have bought my last few shorts by direct experimentation at stores, and had the same doubts as yours. Mostly, what has worked is: you dress the shorts, and stand right up with feet in the normal position. In this position, the shorts should not produce a "bulk" between the thighs. Shorts that produce the bulk tend to be too uncomfortable either while on ...


The short answer is, ask friends for recommendations. Bike shorts are, unfortunately, much like buying underwear: You need to try them on to know what'll work, and you pretty much can't return them after trying them on. Unlike underwear, good bike shorts are a not-insignificant expense. Some stores will let you try them on if you wear underwear, though. I ...


Chamois cream is useful if one is getting chafing from rubbing inside a pair of shorts. I've found it useful in high humidity.


The only way to truly evaluate padding is by wearing the short/bibs for a few rides. Once you find a brand that you like the chamois in, stick with them. In regards to evaluating the chamois in the store, the only advice I can give is to look at what you already have and compare to that. It depends on what you are looking for in a chamois, but padding in ...


As a followup to my answer on "Picking Chamois Creme", BodyGlide hasn't affected the life of my shorts so far after 3 years of heavy use. But it never completely washes out either. My experience with other products is too limited to comment.


I would look for the following: Doesn't transition from smooth (good) to sticky (bad) over the course of a long ride Easy to apply before a ride, and during if needed Reasonably easy to wash off from both skin and shorts Hypoallergenic if possible. Even if you're not initially allergic to the ingredients, it's possible to develop something after enough ...


I'm not a professional and I only ride 2500-3000 miles in a typical year. I never pay full retail for bike clothing unless I have a compelling reason. For example, some items are very rarely available for a discount. Typically when I need clothes I prowl the Nashbar sales, the REI sales, Chainlove and so forth, and I am patient (slow to buy). That said, you ...

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