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Even if you decide to buy the seat now, presumably there'd be an issue as she grows? And by the sounds of things, it won't be long before she passes the upper limit. So I'd look at other options, which as I see it, are: a trailer one of those things where they're sitting on their own saddle, over their own wheel, but are actually being towed by you (I ...


Based only on my personal experience with my first son I would suggest to use a Balance Bike starting from age of 2/3 depending on how tall the kid is (you're daughter in this case). I blogged about my experience here: http://thebestformysonen.blogspot.it/2014/09/the-best-balance-bike.html


There do exist child seats that support higher weights, for example this one: http://www.yepp.nl/uk/Collection/Yepp-Junior. I rembember this style of seats to be very common in The Netherlands for kids up to ages of 8 or so (although they often also cycle on their own). This does require a bike with a rear rack that actually supports that weight too, and I ...


Putting child seats designed for car use into or onto cargo bikes is very common. The basic idea is to work out how you can mount it to your bike using something similar to the way the seat you have is mounted in the car so the mounts work properly. Just grabbing one and bolting it to your bike could easily result in it ripping off in a crash. That said, ...

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