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Whatever you do, don't be a prick. Noone likes a cyclist who reinforces the bad stereotypes. Do Share The Road Even though you're in the right, there's no need to be offensive. Personally I find bells lazy, most cyclists have a good loud voice and a "Hi there, just gonna pass on your left" is far nicer than "ringring" Absolutely never try to scare ...


There is a lot of discussion about this topic (i.e. a lot of anecdotes) because pedals are a very personal matter (cf. LondonCyclist or Zach Gallardo). However, I think that you're over-thinking this in some way: The "safest" pedal is the pedal you're most used to and comfortable with. Consider, for example, a hypothetical case where clipless pedals have ...


Yes, it can. I had my HTC One (M8) mounted to my handlebars and after only ONE RIDE the camera broke. The focus element of the camera was a moving part that just couldn't stand up to the shock. The phone still worked fine, but phones w/o cameras suck so I had to get a new one.


Marseille was voted worst French city for cyclist in 2013 (see here), but apparently they are trying to change that. Here are potentially useful links: maps of cycle lanes in the city, and a city bike rental scheme run by the city. You should keep the following in mind also: Marseille gets very hot in the summer and is one of the worst French city for air ...


In my country, pedestrians are also forbidden to walk on bike paths, however, cyclists are not obligated to use them, they just have to give preference to riding on bike paths. So I usually avoid riding on bike paths that I know pedestrians use. There are some cases where paths are shared among pedestrians and cyclists, but those are the exception and are ...


I just ruined my iphone6+ after a hard mountain bike ride (much harder than I have ever done before) and I had the phone attached to the handlebars. The vibrations ruined the screen is permanently cloudy. I have done this for many rides before but nothing like this ride. I have learned my hard lesson.


After a bit of thinking I filed off cogs from the outside. So far so good, hub presents good enegagement at all gears. After few weeks it still runs good. Left is "fixed", right shown for comparison. I fixed (filed) both. Be careful to make them equal shape and that sharp border is not too thin and ortogonal to the side surface


You don't say where your jurisdiction is, but I think you need to check your local laws. Many designated cycle paths do not prohibit pedestrians from using them, and in many cases where pedestrians are allowed on the path, they will have priority. You really need to check this for yourself, but don't be surprised if you find that pedestrians will have ...


Complementing @BSO rider response: here in Brazil a simple "thumbs up" sign means that you agree with the driver that's not their fault and you just mean say sorry. Another way is raise your hand and make a face expression like "it's my fault". This works too, like this:


If they beep, you can just give a thumbs-up as if to say "yeah, that was justified".


I accidentally cut someone off today. He looked at me as he passed me, and I immediately and instinctively just raised my left arm, bent at the elbow, fingers straight up and together, and mouthed "I'm sorry." I was so surprised by my automatic response that I googled "hand gesture for I'm sorry" and found this listing. I wonder if anyone else has just ...

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