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'Sweat is slightly salty, but its not going to harm metal in a bike or human's lifespan.' Not true - I recently replaced badly corroded bars after only 10 months use. I only ride on the road too. I contacted the supplier who told me it was not covered by warranty due to 'poor maintenance'. They advised me that I should wash the bike every time I rode it ...


Spraying a bike with water doesn't actually remove all grease that exists on the chain and similar otherwise unprotected surfaces. So letting it dry off for a day is fine. Even letting it stand for weeks is fine, if it is stored in a dry place with no condensation. However the situation is different if you actually do remove all lubrication from an ...


As any others have said, nope, nothing will reeeaaallllyyy happen. The only thing you need to worry about is if the water sits for too long on parts such as your chain. Just make sure you buy proper lubricants, and NOT WD40's spray can!!!! ;) Also, if you plan to do that often, it's best to just get a cheap rag and wipe the bike down to dry off most of the ...


An easy way to get excess water off it is drop it a few times, the height obviously depends on the type of bike it is. Full suspension mountain bike you can give it a good old drop from a couple of feet, but a couple of inches should get most of the excess off.


No, of course not. Having your bike wet and unlibricated for one day won't damage it in any way. Washing it and letting it unlubricated for long period of time will cause you some issues. But one day is not a problem...


A credit card usually does the trick. It's flexible enough to bend slightly but firm enough to serve as a scraper/pusher. It's soft enough that it won't scratch most finishes.

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