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I only clean the braking surfaces, drivetrain and derailers. I also clean the inside of the rims and the tubes as a way of warding off punctures. For the chain I point a rag with a thin metal rod when its on the bike and shove it into each link, and used cotton buds are similar. I also take the opportunity to inspect the tyres for bits stuck in them.


For the Frame: I wash my bike with a sponge and warm water and I usually have a towel that is under my bike so I can squeeze the sponge in hard to get areas and the towel grabs the excess under. I wipe off with a dry cloth. For the chain: same as some comments above. Cheers.


How exactly to clean it depends on the type of dirt, so try to figure that out first. If it's just regular dust, possibly mixed with moisture and some grease/oil to make it sticky, regular household cleaners should work well. Try to get something mildly (!) abrasive, such as a metal cleaner (used for cleaning stainless steel metal sinks) with a mild ...


Dishwashing liquid and a small amount of baking soda, warm water, on an old sock or rag. Wipe with damp rag. Clean and bright. Most of the dirt on my handlebar tape is from cleaning debris from tires while cycling.

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