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Sounds like your crank bearing. I had the same problem. It would only do it while I was riding. Drove me crazy. If it happens every crank rotation, this could be culprit


OJS: I like your spunk. I made sure to read your post twice so I didn't ask questions you already answered. That said, what is the make/model/year of your bike. Whether it is alloy or carbon, cartridge or press-fit and its age makes a difference. OK, You describe it as a click, not a creak nor a sensation of popping. There appears to be no feeling of a pop ...


A few things to do to isolate the problem to the bottom bracket: Make sure you also hear the noise when standing up (Yes, I know you replaced the seatpost, but it might be the seat. Maybe.) When you pedal hard, you also exert more force on the handlebar. Try yanking the handlebar every which way while stopped. See if you hear anything. A while back I had a ...


I don't know if this helps but I had a similar problem I tapped the crank arm in dear I say it a block of wood with a hammer (one sharp blow). In my opinion the arm wasn't seated properly.

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