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I'd say you could go with HIIT (high intensity intervals) on a treadmill. For example a particular training I like and find helpful is: 6-8 sets of: 1 minute very fast (18km/h for me) 1 minute middle speed (12km/h in my case) 1 minute slow (8-9 km/h) and no stops in between. That's a very good yet pretty hard training. Do not more than twice a week.


Since you already have a great base, I think you will see the most benefit from doing some high intensity intervals and some moderate intensity hill repeats. Just remember to taper way down and don't do anything too intense in the week before your trip!


Appart from training you should make sure that you have enough easy gears available. Being able to pedal (relatively) easy with high cadence does make a lot of difference, both in efficiency and endurance. If your gears allow you to do that then I also don’t think that there is much specialiced training you can/should do for climbing. Using something like ...

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