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I changed mine with 11-28 to 11-32. It makes a big difference. I can climb uphills quite easily now. Also I like the "Spin to Win" idea, and my new cassette makes me to spin more. I strongly recommend for 11-34 or 11-32.


Get the biggest. The down side is some bigger spacings. If money is an issue consider used. You have the option to not use a gear you do have. But you can't use a gear you don't have. Cassettes wear out. If you find yourself rarely using the 34 and/or 32 then get tighter for the next. Start with the biggest for a data point. If that is not ...


For grades beyond 10% having a gear that you can spin at the rate you can climb makes a big difference. Only you can know exactly what gear that should be. If you can find a gear ratio tool that displays speeds for a given gear, wheel size and rpm. This one seems pretty good. http://www.bikecalc.com/cadence_at_speed Then think about your typical speeds ...

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