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Do you wear underwear with them? Can I wear shorts over them? Absolutely not. Nothing over or under, just the bike shorts. Do I really need them? For 200 miles? Hell yeah. Your ass will thank you.


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"The facilities for changing clothes aren't there" Yes they are, it's called a bathroom or a toilet stall, you don't have to have a locker room to swap a pair of pants, just wear your lycra for your ride and pack your clothes in your bag. Then change in the bathroom when you get to work. Other than that, I once had a suit that was made out of ...


I'm in the same boat, what you need to do is shop Tall sizes. I've got a 6'5" wingspan but I'm only a size medium in build. If I get something sized MT (Medium Tall) then it fits perfect. Lots of brands sell tall sizes, but it's my experience that most brands only make tall sizes for their lower-end performance gear, except for the uber expensive brands. ...

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