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Like everything else on a bike, there is some maintenance associated with your helmet. The pads are designed to sop-up sweat and not grind the salt into your scalp when it evaporates. (essentially, to keep them dry, you'd need to not sweat...) If you try to keep them dry with head-coverings... you are just spreading the wetness around. Not saying that ...


Most helmets (certainly the last 6 or 7 I've owned) have the pads held in by velcro so can be removed and washed or replaced. A lot of people I know wear either a headband or a "buff" (google it, it's a brand name) to help a bit with the sweat. All that said, I'm surprised your helmet pads don't dry out. I also live in Luxembourg and I can ride morning, ...


In a similar situation - bike tire marks, trainer residue and grease spots on the carpet - we found that scrubbing the carpet using a concentrated dish detergent (like Dawn, etc) worked very well.

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