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Is it the same link every time? There could be a tight/sticky link in the chain from when it was installed. I'm not sure why that would have come up after removing/replacing the wheel, but it's worth checking. Mark or otherwise make note the problem link Take the wheel off or push it in the dropout to put slack in the chain See if that link is difficult ...


Given that it is an old bicycle, it is likely that the chain or the cassette (or even chain ring) are worn down to the point that it's causing your symptoms. However, it's also possible that the derailleurs are mal-configured and your gears need to be indexed correctly. It may be worth checking this out too as it's a relatively quick fix. As pointed out by ...


Tricky one. You will go through several chains before going through a cassette. A worn chain can be measured quite easily with a gauge. Measuring wear on a cassette is more difficult. It is usually the middle set of sprockets which wear first - due to their more frequent use. If examined carefully - you may notice the teeth on them thinning.

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