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18 km is very manageable. You might feel it for the first few days, but you'll quickly get used to it. Make alternate plans for the rainy, or just not feeling up to it, days. Be prepared to change your mind just as you're about to leave the door... So have those bus tickets ready.


Get a bike fitted to you for this. Seriously, go to a good bike shop in your area and have them do a proper bike fitting for you. They do this for free if you buy a bike with them, if you don't you should expect to pay about $30,-. If you don't buy the bike there make sure you know how to check if a bike fits you. A bike that has the wrong fit can lead to ...


I agree with most answers but I think they all assume you will ride in a sporty fashion, but you don't have to, at least not all days. Does a driver race their car everyday on the way to work or school? Commuting is totally different from bike racing or training, you can combine the two, but the purpose of commuting is "getting there on time", you don't ...


Depends on how sore your butt gets. If you are in lots of butt pain, you won't ride again the next day. You'll need to buy a but soreness meter first, or you could be in a lot of trouble on the way home.


You can definitely do it, the points about rest are good ones though. If you are commuting every day, I think it takes a conscious effort to take it easy on most days, and "reward" yourself by letting your body just have at it on others. The second part of that question is how you'll be presentable when you get there? Especially at first, you may sweat a ...


Yes, I say it's perfectly possible. In fact I've done something similar twice in my life. 1 - At 28 I decided to start cycling to work. I rode for leisure occasionally but this was a big change. The commute was about 14 km each way and generally uphill on the way to work in the morning and downhill on the way home. The difference in altitude between start ...


As it seems you've found, since there is no way to compare Beginner A and Beginner B to one another, there is only one way to find out: give it a try. That said, maybe not every day at first.


Yeah, I would suggest that you not start out doing this daily, but do it every 2nd or 3rd day for a couple of weeks, taking care to take an extra rest day when needed. You will find that some days you are eager to get started riding and others your stomach churns at the thought, and you can kind of use that to adjust your frequency. After about 2 weeks, ...


18km a day is not far, as long as you have an OK fitness level to start with and no health issues, it is certainly achievable, but... You will not get any rest days. I was once told, you do not get fit exercising, you get fit recovering. If you ride 5 days a week, there's no recovery time. This could lead to problems since each day's effort is stressing ...

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