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As others have pointed out studded tires are most effective against ice. As for weight on front wheel, yes it is important to have some. But you do not want to lean heavy and make your hands heavy and stiff. You want them to be light, quick to react and precise. You also want your upper body to be flexible and quick to react.


I'd look at which situations you are encountering tire slips in. If you are encountering tire slips in cornering, studs are probably the way to go (or much more conservative riding). If you are having trouble while you are braking, you may consider adjusting your technique to be much more rear brake heavy or rear brake alone. I find that no matter what I ...


The real issue with ice is that it has a very low coefficient of friction, and weight distribution won't change that enough to make a difference. Tires with a soft compound and a lot of siping help somewhat, but the best solution is a tire with metal studs.

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