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Hubs/Bearings Clean and repack your bearings every fall. Most bicycle greases are fine for low temperatures, but if you are biking in sub-zero temperatures you may want to look at a product like Lubripate Mag-1 which is rated for use in temperatures down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are biking in wet conditions as well as cold, you may want to clean ...


A couple of tips I learned when winter commuting in Calgary: Depending on how much salt gets used on the roads where you live, using a good quality car wax on the frame will go a long way towards rust prevention. A squirt of WD-40 on your chain, cable pivot points, etc. will displace any water that's collected there. Keep your chain well lubed with a good ...


You should replace the rear wheel only if there is another well justified reason to do so, but generally both wheels are mostly independant, so you can perfectly change only the front. The first scenario I think of is where you are changing only the front hub (and spokes) and keeping the front rim. Why would you change the rear one? Easier task is to ...


The rear wheel is not even aware that the front has been replaced. No reason to replace the rear.


My wife bought me a Shirt Shuttle from www.patrona.com. It's great for getting my shirts to work crease free and clean! I also use it whenever I'm away on a business trip.


I own a steel frame giant hybrid. It is really smooth, hugs the road, and is very comfortable. I have modified it with a Humpert QAS Adjustable Quill Stem 1 1/8 - Quick release angle adjustment. This allows me to modify my handlebars either down low or almost in the upright sitting position. Great investment if you want comfort. I have pedal extenders ...

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