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You can drop in a compact crankset which has Hollowtech II compatibility. Otherwise, you can remove the existing bottom bracket and install a new one compatible with the crankset you buy. This site gives you a guide to all the bottom bracket types you can install in your frame (look under conventional threaded), in case you find you want to switch to another ...


You are right to say that the compact crankset will give you smaller gears to help you get over hills. You can do a straight swap of the crankset, everything else will be compatible, although will need readjustment. If you currently have a 5600 crankset, then you are absolutely safe to swap for another 5600 (compact) crankset. Now, the compatibility ...


You'll need the FC-5650 chainring and crankarms. Reusing the BB should be OK. Yep shifter and derailleur is compatible but you will probably need to adjust the front derailleur down the seat tube to accommodate for the smaller front chainring.

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