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Yes, this does. Another option is to re-thread the cranks if you take it to the right bike shop, and then install a standard pedal.


It depends on your rear derailleur. For 11-34 you will need a long cage one.


The front derailleur doesn't care what the rear derailleur is and vice versa. The front derailleur is matched with the front chainring sizes, number of chainrings, mounting type of the front derailleur (a property of the frame) and the front shifter. The rear derailleur is matched to the shifter (for indexing; the shifter is matched to the cassette), and ...


The Tacx i-Flow is only compatible with the T2202 head unit for standalone use. The T1982 Bushido head unit does not connect in my experience, although I have had Tacx support tell me it should work. The T1962 Flow head unit firmware is not compatible withe I-Flow. Your best guaranteed option is the T2022.

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