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Basically, so long as the front derailleur is wide enough to carry a 9 speed chain that you're using (so a 9 speed front derailleur would work) without problems, you'll be fine. So, go for it, provided they'll fit (i.e. the bolt pattern + BCD matches). As for mismatching the chainrings, chances are these are the cheapest ones on the market now. My road ...


They look the same but will not work. Found that out the hard way. Look cleats and SPD SL pedals don't fit. PC parts use it be proprietary too. Thank god that changed. Bike parts all about the money.


I have used Shimano 10 speed cranks with 9spd chain, derailluers and gears. Without actually having tried it with the Campy components you list, I see no reason why it shouldn't work. The only difference between 9spd and 11 spd chain is the exterior width of the chain. The interior dimensions are identical (i.e. 3/32 of an inch wide, 1/2 inch long). The ...

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