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Treating "competitive cyclists" as this single unified group (with three subgrouping) belies some prejudices. Like all walks of life there are a diversity of people, all with different motivations, morals and life experiences. As such there is no single correct answer your various questions. For example: are people in pelotons generally friendly, ...


If you have a power meter than download something like Golden Cheetah to analyse the data. Otherwise, if you are just using Strava's predictive data - I wouldn't bother as it won't be accurate enough for detailed analysis.


You could try looking at your ride through Veloviewer which offer a lot of very nice ways to dig into your data.


Replace "cycling" in this question with any competitive sport. How should we know if it's right for you? How should we know what the community of cyclists near you is like, or whether or not you'll get along with them? Enter a race. Did you have fun? Enter another one. Or don't. Your call.

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