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The 10 speed crankset has smaller spacing between the rings due to the smaller chain to fit the rear cassette. A nine speed crank set will work with a 10 speed drive train. However it's not all plain sailing. You can have trouble using a 10 speed FD with a 9 speed crank set. It doesn't shift as far out as the 9 speed so you may experience sloppy changes to ...


10 is a little bit narrower, but generally a crank with 1 measure narrower chain will work pretty good.


There's little difference noticeable but the chainrings will make a big difference as some cheap ones will flex a surprising amount


I've had similar problems (clicking on the right side down stroke) before, and it is probably the bottom bracket. But the first thing to do is to check and make sure that you don't have a loose bolt/ nut somewhere. This could be in your pedal, the crank, or somewhere else in your drivetrain. If you make sure that everything is tight and it still doesn't ...


I disagree with the selected answer as most of the provided links are simply opinion without any analytical backing. In terms of choosing a crank length on the basis of performance, there is very little scientific support for there being any real discernible differences widely used crank lengths (160-180 mm). For an overview of some of the scientific ...


The front derailleur you are describing is called an E-Type front derailleur. This means that you have to be careful when selecting a bottom bracket to ensure that you get one that is compatible or you need to alter your chainline. In addition to a bottom bracket having: spindle length equivalent to current BB. 68mm shell English threaded square taper ...


TL;DR - Just about any square taper bottom bracket that has a 68mm shell and roughly 116mm spindle should work fine. You should be able to find one for very little money at either your LBS or online. As far as I can tell, the derailleur mounting to the bottom bracket doesn't make a lick of difference in selecting your bottom bracket. I've never actually ...


It appears that the BB shell is the 68mm English standard which means for very little money you can replace the bottom bracket and most likely crankset. A quick search on Jenson USA brought me this, which should come in a size that will fit your 820. If you'd like more details on the bike's specs for sizing, I'd recommend looking at it's page on bikepedia.

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