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The BCD shouldn't make any difference to how the cranks work, just which chainrings you use. As long as the BB matches the cranks go ahead.


I'm sure it is 104 mm BCD there are a lot of 30T chainrings for it. I recommend you find a Race Face Narrow Wide 30T chainring.


The key measurement for chainrings is the Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD). If you imagine those four bolts being points on the circumference of a circle, then the BCD is the circle's diameter. As always, Sheldon Brown's site is a good reference here (and his crib sheet will help you work out your bike's BCD). So having found out your BCD, any shainring with ...


That sure looks like a 112 BCD to me. Just looking at you you can see there is not much if any room to get smaller. There are some around that squeeze in a 33T. If it is 104 BCD then according to Sheldon you can go down to 32T but I would look around as the just does not seem right to me. To me it looks like 32T is the smallest for 104. Again just ...


If the instructions that come with the pedals tell you to use the washers with carbon cranks then you should do it. The reason for the washers is that that they keep the axle from rubbing against the crank and thus damaging the carbon when tightening the pedals.Oh yes, and you can compensate the thickness of the washers by moving each cleat 0.5mm outside.


I am happy to tell you that I fixed the problem. Cranks/bb/pedals, everything is good and not worn out. I fixed it with some bike lube. I lubed the place where the pedal goes into the crank with pedal INSERTED in the crank. 60-70 kms later no sound. :)


Probably you have already figured out an answer from the given comments, but here is my answer. I have a bike with a very similar set up. It is an old MTB with rigid fork that I turned into a fast commuter. Like you, the first thing I did was changing the tires to a pair of "1.3 Continental Sport Contact. Later, I changed the crankset and the cassette, ...


There are two common sizes of pedal thread. 9/16" which is used for most bikes 1/2" which is often found on kids bikes Doubtless there will be the few oddballs with a metric thread as well, but they'll be really uncommon.

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