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I've got the same problem on (what I believe is) a 2013 3.1. I was going to try replacing/upgrading the bottom bracket myself soon, hoping to smooth out the ride. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the size online so I'll need to take it out and inspect before I can order a replacement, hopefully this goes smoothly. Either way, I'll update with my ...


If only one side is creaking, it's probably the pedal or crank arm not screwed tight. So first tight them up (for the pedal you probably need a special wrench, for crank arm it's a 8mm hex or 14mm wrench). You should tight it as fast as you can, as it can brake the crank arm. When both sides are creaking, it could be that both sides are loose, but it also ...


There are quite a few options here, and this troubleshoot resource, http://sheldonbrown.com/creaks.html#bottom may help shed light on why more information would help us identify the problem. You may even be able to identify the problem yourself with that page and the glossery http://sheldonbrown.com/glossary.html

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