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I think stainless steel rimes are the best because they are stronger then aluminum.


If the bikes have a problem that causes them not to go, that can be lived with. But if they have a problem which causes them not to STOP, somebody could DIE. Those bikes have the cheapest brake pads possible which might wear out very quickly, depending how they are used. Most of your customers will not make any impact on the brake pads, but some will ...


Forty years ago Huffy bikes were actually pretty well made, just heavy, ugly, and not very nimble. But now that everything is made in China, as cheaply as possible, it's hard to predict the quality. First off, you need to keep the tires properly inflated. This is a seemingly trivial but incredibly important (and often overlooked) maintenance item. Also ...


I would start out by checking all the bearings and adjusting them. In my (limited) experience with cheap bikes, the people that assemble them don't care at all if they do it right. I've seen wheel bearings that were way too tight, so when you lift the wheel off the ground and spin it, it stops quickly. This means that when people ride the bikes, the ...

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