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The popping sound could be coming from the chain not lineing up properly on the freewheel. This can happen if the chain is either bent and or twisted or if the chain is not the proper size for the sprocket. More than likely it is a bend or twist in the chain.


If it is a cruiser bike it might be the laid-back angle that makes it feel a bit more difficult to pedal as you generally push bigger gears with such bikes rather than spin due to the position of the seat in relation to the cranks.


Start with the easier things before busting out the spanners! Check the bike over. Low pressure tyres are very hard to ride, so add air with a pump. Look for anything wrong, that's anything rubbing or otherwise out of line. Walk the bike around and make sure it coasts okay. Rotate the pedal crank while lifting the rear wheel off the ground and make sure it ...


Edit: I agree with Criggie about the check list first, I just assume people check for the obvious, I probably shouldn't assume that though. What can you do to fix it: Unless you are happy getting your hands dirty and doing something like in the youtube link below then taking your bike to a bike shop would be the best option. ...

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