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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that cyclocross bikes are basically road bikes with a bit of knobby on the tire. I recently purchased a Raleigh Roper to use as a daily commuter. I went with the cyclocross style because the slight knobby lets me leave the hard-pack every once in a while. Also, there are numerous bosses to mount a rack, bottle cage, ...


A cyclocross bike is designed for cyclocross racing. This typically involves riding as quickly as possible around a muddy field. So for a cyclocross bike: Lightweight frame and forks, usually aluminium or carbon More 'aggressive' riding position, with lower down bars Nearly horizontal top tube, to allow carrying it over your shoulder Knobbly tyres, and ...


The tyres :) I will be honest I have no idea what a cyclocross commuter is or why it would exist. Cyclocross bikes are basically road bikes with V or disk brakes and tyres with some tread. What major differences do you notice from this description and bike x? The only thing I could imagine is they switch up the bars and tires to slicks.


Based on comparison with the Giant Defy Advanced line, it seems to mean that you can run an electronic drivetrain (such as Shimano Di2 parts) - you have to mount things like a battery in order for the shifters to work and what not, so the frame will need to have the wiring harnesses and battery pack mounted. This link shows the TCR line in 2012 with this ...

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