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I'd be contacting whereever you got the bike from and raise the question of warranty - given its a brand new bike. Warranty may be void if you attempt to repair it yourself. Also, check whether self-assembly voids the warranty... some have a rider that "bike must be assembled by an authorised dealer" I think Giant has this requirement.


You can chase the threads back around with a thread cutting kit and you can also repair the thread with a helicoil kit. If the pedal is in and secure - you might get away with using a threadlock to keep it in place. And of course there is also the option to buy a secondhand replacement from ebay.


First thing to check: the left pedal uses a left-handed thread. Was it screwed in correctly? Depending on the amount of damage to the threads, it may be possible to sort-of screw it back in the wrong direction, which will damage it even more.


The hardest to fit tyres I've ever dealt with were continental comfort contact (and I run marathon plus which are reputed to be difficult). Like yours they needed serious overpressure to seat, even after wetting the rim. After several years fitted they're still going strong. I had to change a tube in one recently and it was much easier but still hard to ...


Those strings are quite common with continental tires and seem to be a part of their manufacturing process. Every continental tire I have owned seem to have some of those threads, even ones that mounted relatively easily. I just cut them off and have never had an issue with them. Continental tires are also well known for their tight beads. The high-pressure ...

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